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Triple Trouble Kids

We are a triple-generation family run farm. We started small but decided we wanted to experience the joy of kids. We bought a buck in 2020 and had our first kids born on our farm in April of 2021. With a whole bunch of bucklings and only one doeling, we opted to move the boys on to greener pastures and build a quality herd. 
After the upcoming kidding season, we decided we would move forward with registered stock only.
As we improved our herd throughout the year, we obtained multiple registered goats. All of our Nigerian Dwarf goats are now ADGA or AGS registered. Some are even dual registered!

Breeding Schedule 2023

Check out our breeding schedule. Let us know if you’d like to put a reservation down for any of these pairings

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Tracy, CA, USA

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Happy Dairy Goats: Dairy goats cannot just be set to pasture. They need a pound of grain per 2 pounds of milk being produced. Please find a quality grain with a balanced Calcium to Phosphorus ratio (2:1). Also a quality alfalfa hay is great for does in milk or not currently getting grain (not in milk, hotter weather etc), great for bucks too. We are cautious with grain and alfalfa with our wethers. Wethers are prone to UC (Urinary Calculi) and can’t have as much grain as a doe or a buck. We feed our goats free choice alfalfa, loose minerals, and we give DuMOR goat pellets (NOT sweet feed) at night. Nigerian Dwarfs don’t need a ton of grain unless they're in milk. Typically, we feed half a pound of grain per goat. Please do your research on goat nutrition, feed bills, your goals with goats, and proper fencing before considering getting goats. If you have any questions please shoot me an email. Thank you!

Remember, happy goats are healthy goats. 

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